Scotty Sharp

Scotty Sharp was the most kind, gentle, loving, man I have ever known. He loved me and I loved him in that way you only see in movies. He had a huge heart and was ready to lend a hand to whoever needed it. He was funny and smart and good looking. He was Superman and I was his Lois Lane. (He had a thing about Superman! He had the Superman tattoo on his arm!) He was my Superman! He loved with all his heart and soul! I want the world to know that he was good and kind and loving. He gave me life and happiness that I never thought was meant to be for me. We shared a love that was all consuming and the greatest feeling I’ve ever known. His life had not been easy and he battled his own demons or krytonite daily. But through his death he became a real Superman and saved many lives!! He never knew how much his life was worth to so many! He became a real superhero! I love and miss him daily!!


Kimberly Gibson