Jim Pederson

Our dear colleague Jim was among the most unique, delightfully infectious people we ever had the privilege of befriending. He had the widest, brightest smile, with the loudest and most hilarious laugh of which he shared most generously. He feared nothing, and loved most everything with unmatched zest and vigor. Jim’s passing has filled so many communities of moped enthusiasts throughout this nation with intense emotional reflections during this past year, yet we feel so incredibly blessed to have realized such bright, euphoric love of life through his presence. It brings a relief of comfort to know that contributions of Jim’s untimely passing have been instrumental in extending and enriching the lives of others; those that we may never know as well as those we love so dearly. In a sense, Jim lives on in them and through us — its just the way he was, and still is. We are all enriched, enhanced and a bit better in this world for Jim’s part in it. That’s why we call him Moped Taco.


Moped Riders of Omaha