Amy Dawn Bane-Reed

I really am not sure how this works but I will give it my best shot. I never thought in a million years that I would have to use the living will I had been carrying around in my purse since 2011. But the day did come that I had to “let go” of my one and only sibling and baby sister. I never thought that myself and her son would be standing in a hospital room for a week watching her take her last breaths, but the time did come. And no we neither one were truly prepared. I sincerely think my nephew handled saying good-bye well to be so young. I come from a strong family and I had my faith. Don’t get me wrong it was tough, especially since my sister had not told my mom her wishes. I guess she left it to me because I would see that she would go on and help someone else have a future. She knew of transplants due to her husband’s first cousin receiving a pancreas and liver. He has diabetes and had been having complications that put him on a transplant list. So I think it was an easy decision for her. It just was not so easy for us. Many tears were shed in the hospital, many sleepless nights and sometimes I just wanted to breath for her so much. I knew that it was time to “Let go”. So with a heavy heart I followed her into the elevator and said ‘Good-Bye” alone that day. Drove two hours home, crying all the way. Do I ever regret following her wishes no, do I miss her, yes. Do I know that she helped someone else, yes. Am I glad to help Mid South Transplant Foundation now, most definitely. I encourage anyone and everyone to consider donating. I know that you as family may be distraught in those moments but it sincerely helps to know that you have helped another family and fellow human being live a full healthier life.


Melissa Bane