Stories of Hope

Trevin & Renee, donor and donor mom

Trevin was a caring and respectful 19-year-old with a great sense of humor. A natural athlete and leader, Trevin was always helping others and loved to make people smile. He was a college student just beginning to pursue his adult dreams when his life ended as the result of a drive-by shooting. His mother, Renee, and Trevin’s family were uncertain of what to do when they were approached about donating Trevin’s organs. The decision they made to donate has since become the biggest source of comfort for Trevin’s family, as they cope with the loss of someone who meant so much to them.

Trevin’s Donation Saves Lives, Brings Comfort to His Family

Renee’s son, Trevin, could best be described as a “good kid.” Shy, quiet and respectful, but possessing a great sense of humor, Trevin enjoyed making people smile. He played football and basketball, was a leader both on and off the field and court, and could be counted on to lend a helping hand. A dearly loved son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend, Trevin always looked on the bright side and had a natural ability to bring happiness to the hearts of others.

Trevin was a 19-year-old college student, just beginning to pursue his adult dreams, when he became the victim of a drive-by shooting near his home. At the hospital, his family received the devastating news that Trevin had died. As they attempted to process this and grapple with their loss, they were approached about the opportunity for Trevin to be an organ donor. Organ donation was not a topic their family had discussed. Neither Renee nor her husband wanted to make such a major decision in that vulnerable moment. Unsure what to do, Renee asked herself what Trevin would want, and she heard a clear answer come from within: yes.

In the five years that have passed since that heartbreaking day, Renee has experienced a wide range of painful emotions while grieving for the loss of her son. She has also come to view the decision that once seemed so difficult in a much different way. Donating Trevin’s organs has become the biggest source of comfort for Renee and Trevin’s family as they continue to cope with his death. They believe that Trevin would have been honored and proud to be a donor.

Renee finds strength and hope in sharing their story and spreading awareness about registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor within her own community. On a grander scale, she enjoys traveling to “spread the word” to large audiences about the “win-win for everybody” that occurs by saving and healing lives through donation. Renee acknowledges that she would much rather have Trevin still here, but his donation means that at least his death was not in vain. Today, Renee sees that Trevin’s purpose was greater than her pain.