Stories of Hope

Sabrina, living kidney donor

NMDS - Sabrina WeroLiving Kidney donor to father who passed – Native, Navajo

Sabrina and her family have always been close-knit. As part of the Navajo tribe, she was also raised to respect and value her culture.

About 15 years ago, Sabrina’s father became ill with kidney failure. He was put on dialysis; but over the months, it was wearing on his body, and his condition continued to worsen. A new kidney was his only hope. As someone who would do anything for her family, Sabrina immediately went to get tested when the possibility of being a living donor was mentioned. She was a match, and they proceeded with the surgery.

“I don’t think what I did was so special,” says Sabrina. “I just wanted to live life with my dad.” The transplant was a success. Through Sabrina’s gift of life, her father was able to live more than a decade longer — years that he shared with both family and friends.

Sabrina’s family was able to witness hope in the midst of tragedy from another perspective as well. In 2010, her brother Shawn was in a fatal accident. Inspired by his sister’s donation, Shawn had registered to become an organ, eye and tissue donor.

Because of these experiences, Sabrina and her family continue to promote organ, eye and tissue donation, especially within the Native American community.

“My kidney donation and my father’s transplant have brought me to realize how precious and beautiful it is to be alive,” acknowledges Sabrina. With her family’s support and guidance, Sabrina is now studying to become a pharmacy technician so that she can continue to help others.