Stories of Hope

Mike, donor, and Maureen, recipient and donor family member

A Life-changing Gift

Maureen was 29 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney disease and found herself in need of a lifesaving transplant. On November 24, 2009, Maureen received the gift of a new kidney from a living donor, Kim.

After her experience with kidney disease and receiving her transplant, Maureen knew she wanted to go back to school and dedicate her life to helping kidney patients. She entered nursing school and later became a dialysis nurse. For the past decade, Maureen has worked in the dialysis field, bringing a unique perspective to her patients as someone who understood what they were going through.

Seven years after her transplant, Maureen and her husband had a daughter, something they were unsure they would be able to do because of her disease. Maureen knows that without Kim’s incredible generosity, it would not have been possible: “I would not be here today, in this life I have created, without the selfless act of one person. I am now able to help and impact others who are in the same position I was in. I don’t think I can ever truly explain how grateful I am.”

Generosity Continued

Maureen’s transplant journey impacted her whole family, especially her father, Mike. He was moved by Kim’s altruistic act of becoming a living donor. Known as the life of the party, Mike was a charismatic, ambitious, and driven individual. He cared deeply about his friends and family, and after his daughter’s transplant, cared deeply about becoming a donor himself.

In 2017, Mike unexpectedly passed away, and his family was asked if they would say yes to Mike being a cornea and tissue donor. Maureen and her family knew how grateful he was for the transplant that saved Maureen’s life, and they were confident that he would want to be a donor. Mike’s family said yes, and on the exact day, November 24, that Maureen received her donor kidney eight years prior, Mike became an eye and tissue donor.

“The gift of life is the ultimate gift to give,” Mike’s family says. “Because our family was blessed to have someone donate a kidney to Maureen, we knew our dad would want to repay the gift through his donation of his eyes and tissue.”

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