Stories of Hope

Liz, tissue recipient

Liz loves life and seizes each moment of every day. A visual artist and owner of an art supply store, she splits her time between teaching classes, working at a local community college, and caring for Shelby—her beloved dog. But in July of 2016, Liz’s vibrant life was threatened when she slipped and fell down a set of stairs.

Liz’s injuries were severe. X-rays revealed multiple fractures to her leg and ankles. She worried about the impact her recovery and injuries would have on her fast-paced life. “Being confined for 7 months as I healed was truly agonizing. As a widow with no surviving relatives, I endured because of my community of friends in my town who cared for me,” Liz recalls. Thanks to her community caregivers and donated bone from a very generous donor, Liz’s recovery was successful and she is now back on her feet. A year later, Liz celebrates being back to her busy schedule, but frequently reflects on the great impact that donation and transplantation had on her recovery.

While her upbringing had led her to be skeptical about organ donation, she now understands the truth behind the many misconceptions and hopes to share that awareness with others in the Hispanic community. “I’ve been reflecting on my experience and now see how wrong I was about donation. My heart is converted and I am now considering becoming a donor. I don’t know who my donor is or where they are from, but I will be forever grateful to them. My donor is now part of the artist that I am.”

Thank you to Liz and AMAT for sharing this story!