Stories of Hope

Aeisha, small bowel recipient

Aeisha’s transplant journey

Intestinal transplant recipient Aeisha had just relocated to New York City to pursue a career on Broadway, when inflammatory bowel disease put her dreams and health in jeopardy. An intestinal transplant saved her life, and gave her a new purpose: to serve as a spark of healing inspiration for others as a minister.

A gifted performer, Aeisha had hoped to be spending the majority of her time on stage in the Big Apple following her college graduation. Unfortunately, she became seriously ill soon after arriving in New York, leaving her in the hospital instead. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Aeisha successfully managed her symptoms for three years until complications from treatment caused blood clots to form. The clots put her in a coma for two months and resulted in the loss of her small intestine. When she finally regained consciousness, Aeisha received the news that a small bowel transplant was her only hope for survival.

Unable to eat food without an intestine, Aeisha endured 14-16 hours of daily intravenous nutrient treatments to sustain her physically for two years while she awaited a small bowel transplant. During that time, support from family and her unwavering spiritual faith helped Aeisha to stay positive and emotionally strong. In total, she underwent 17 surgeries, and it was the final surgery that gave her new life: she received her small bowel transplant at last.

Life as an intestinal transplant recipient

Thanks to her lifesaving donor, today Aeisha is both healthy and passionate about healthy living. She is performing again, booking professional voice over jobs, enjoys cooking, and loves playing the piano and songwriting. Aeisha has also found a new calling in life as a minister — on a mission to empower others who are sick and struggling. She wants everyone to believe that they, too, can overcome adversity. Utilizing the arts and prayer as tools, she has gone to hospitals to inspire patients and essential workers, offering the helping hand she feels was given to her. Aeisha shares her story as often as possible, emphasizing the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation, and how it can save and heal lives.

“The decision to donate is the most selfless thing anyone could do and my gratitude to my donor is beyond the peaks of Mt. Everest,” said Aeisha.