Stories of Hope

Ieesha, tissue recipient

Ieesha’s tissue journey

Tissue recipient Ieesha is always on the move. When she is not busy dedicating her time to nonprofit work and the causes she believes in, or embracing her inner foodie in the kitchen, Ieesha loves to run. She has logged an abundance of miles on foot, participating in 10 half marathons and more than 40 races; but it is her hand that has had the most significant impact on her life.

A few years ago, Ieesha was in the midst of an obstacle course endurance event when she tumbled down a rocky hill. Thinking she had merely sprained her wrist, Ieesha managed to finish the race. A visit to the emergency room afterward revealed something much more concerning, however: Ieesha had a potentially cancerous tumor growing in her hand that had caused the bone to crack when she fell. The growth needed to be removed for evaluation, and Ieesha needed donated tissue to heal her hand.

Ieesha emerged from surgery to receive the welcome news that the tumor was benign and that the bone transplant from a tissue donor had been successful. Tremendously relieved to be cancer-free and on the road to recovery from her injury, Ieesha found that she not only felt better, she also had a new sense of appreciation for the preciousness of life and how she wanted to live it.

Life as a tissue recipient

Ieesha has resumed her active lifestyle, and is back to cooking great food and running. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of her tissue transplant, Ieesha achieved what she considers to be her biggest accomplishment yet — completing a full marathon! She has also made it her mission to share her story with others as often as possible, emphasizing the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation, and the many ways it can save and heal lives.

Ieesha thinks of her tissue donor every time she sees the scar on he