Stories of Hope

Elias, pediatric liver recipient

Elias was born with Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, an inherited disorder that increases the risk of liver disease, and because of his condition, Elias was frequently hospitalized and often too tired to play with his peers.

Nine-year-old Elias wanted to be active and join in sports with the other kids at school, but his health was holding him back.

In June 2022, Elias was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure, and an enlarged spleen, and was listed for a liver transplant. One month later, Elias received his transplant, a gift from a donor that not only saved his life but changed it completely.

Thriving After Transplant

Before his transplant, Elias would sleep up to 15 hours a night, and missed a lot of school for hospital visits and lab. Two years post-transplant, Elias has more energy than ever, and finally has the opportunity to spend more time playing with his siblings and enjoying sports like swimming and soccer. He even attended his first sleep away camp, and has made more friends through sports and school. Since returning to school more regularly, Elias has even won two awards!

“My donor’s gift makes me cry to talk about it, but it is the most special thing anyone ever did for me. I am very thankful. I would have died without it.”