Stories of Hope

Dinorah, kidney recipient

Dinorah suffered from high blood pressure, which took a toll on her body. In 2009, her kidneys were failing, and she began dialysis three times a week. She sat in a chair for three and a half hours each day while a machine did the work her kidneys were unable to do. Soon this once active soccer player was barely able to climb stairs.

Fast forward to 2011: Dinorah just got home from dialysis. Exhausted, she decided to watch some TV with her daughter before heading to bed. The show ended and she called it a night. As she got to her bedroom, it happened. The phone rang. It was the hospital, with the news that they had a donor kidney for her.

For Dinorah, the transplant recovery process was long and painful. Several months after surgery, Dinorah was feeling healthy and ready to climb mountains, both literally and figuratively. She headed to Red Rock to enjoy the view and her new lease on life thanks to her donor’s generous gift. Now, years later, Dinorah frequently hikes at Red Rock and even joined a hiking group. She wants to stay in shape to take the best care possible of her new kidney. Today her message for anyone who is considering donation is this, “If Jesus gave his blood and body to save us, why don’t we?”

Story provided by AMAT.