Stories of Hope

Autumn, pediatric liver recipient

In July 2020, at Autumn’s two-month appointment, her doctor noticed her skin was yellow and ordered some further tests to be done. Several months later, the doctors determined Autumn was in end-stage liver failure, and she was added to the national transplant waiting list.

The next few months were filled with continuous doctor’s appointments, some requiring Autumn to stay in the hospital overnight. Despite months without a match being found, Autumn’s family waited in hope for a miracle. Autumn’s aunt, Jessica, was even willing to donate a part of her liver if no match became available.

Lifesaving Gift

In January 2021, as Autumn’s mom was taking her in for an appointment, her family got the call that a donor liver match for Autumn was available. Three years later, after working through medications and healing, Autumn has recovered remarkably from her transplant and has been able to live her best life. Above all, Autumn and her family are grateful to her donor for the incredible gift of life she’s been given.