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Tiffany Willis

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Jody and Tiffany kidney transplant announcements

My Story

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
This kidney announcement picture was our lemonade.

In the 18 years I have loved my husband, we have had our fair share of mountains to climb together. 8 years of infertility ended in a beautiful way that we could have never imagined, but when we closed that chapter, dreams closed with it. Making life and taking pictures as that life grew, was a difficult dream to give up. Life gave me lemons.

When my husband needed a 2nd kidney transplant, we began the kidney donor process, in hopes I could donate to him. In the back of my mind I had this silly idea. IF I was a match, IF everything fell into place, we could do our own kind of picture announcements that we missed out on not having children.

In August 2023 I made it through to final donor testing appointments, but 2 cysts on my left kidney AND a short artery/branched vein on that same kidney paused all conversation about me being a donor.
I saw a local urologist to further investigate the cysts and I was cleared of any future concern. However, that urologist stated that my artery/vein anatomy on the left kidney is a reason the donor team may not let me donate.
I was told that the surgery would be too complicated. We took that as a no and we focused on spreading the word to friends and family in search of a kidney for Jody. AMAZING friends and family tried to donate, but were denied for one reason or another.
Now, at no time did any doctor say if I was a kidney match to my husband. I assumed they just didn’t finish those labs because of the left kidney issues. BUT I needed to know! So I asked…
So now I couldn’t take no as an answer!
On Christmas Eve 2023 I went into communication mad woman mode. Doctors, coordinator, nurses, fax machines, squeaky wheels; I had to make it very clear to the donor team to reconsider me as an kidney donor option for my husband.
After a new set of surgical eyes, I was approved to donate my kidney to my husband. May 28, 2024 is our transplant surgery date! The day that I can give my husband a 2nd chance at living this amazing adventure of a life together!