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Mike Hajovsky

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Double lung transplant warrior 🫁💚

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21’ was a year no one wants to remember……
Sitting here today it’s been almost 3 whole years since our lives changed forever. . I’ll never forget the virtual visit we had with the doc, all I remember her saying was “go now.”
Walking in not knowing if i was ever going to see my dad again, was terrifying. 597 days of constant hardships was not something just anyone could handle! From double pneumonia, blood clots, mini strokes, complete renal failure, GI issues, so many pricks, vented for 2 whole weeks, CT’s, MRI’s, chest x-rays, breathing treatments, & constant IV drips – you made it through all the tough times! DLT took place on day 598. 8 hours & 2 mins later you received the best gift you could have ever gotten. Covid was/is a real thing. Most were very fortunate to not be affected longer than 2 weeks. Others were less fortunate to have gone through similar situations like my dad. And the least fortunate were those who lost loved ones from the horrific disease. Even though it may feel that your world is crashing, always remember there is someone out there fighting a harder battle than you! Never loose hope & most importantly stay strong-are words we have stood by for almost 3 years.
Dad you are amazing. You are deserving. You are a miracle. You are my HERO !!!
Below you will find several rocks hand painted as a gift to my dad. Special meanings as butterflies gave me and my mom hope, right of the rainbow is an EXACT lookalike of one of your original lungs that was removed, always find the sunshine on a cloudy day, and most importantly the date you were given a second chance to live 🫁🤍💚💙