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Michael Bono

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Thanks to organ donation, I am a survivor.

My Story

I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in December 2018, by the following December 2019 I was on full-time oxygen and could no longer work. Slowly, my oxygen needs increased and in March 2020 I was placed on 25 L, I had a dry run in May and in June and then finally on August 10, 2020 I received my gift of bilateral Lungs at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois. I am almost 4 years post and doing very well. I am very fortunate and blessed to have met my donor parents Jerry and Nancy Schultz from Kenosha, Wisconsin, they just came last Sunday to Loyola to join me and my family at the donate life/gift of hope candlelight vigil recognizing donors/living donors/ recipients and their families.
I am writing this from Loyola as I caught a Pneumovirus and have been here since Thursday, April 11,
~Michael Bono ☮️💚🫁