Photo Contest

Laurie Clemons

Photo Description

Bird bath a pair hands showing green and blue stones that glow in the dark. Also wind mills and light up glass globes that light up at night .

My Story

My son Brandon died May 16 2015 due to accidental overdose . Brandon was clean for 5 weeks and doing well and going back to work . There was two guys that knew he was clean and knew he would be easy to trigger him to use again . They kept him high and spent all his money , but by then he was barely breathing. The two guys didn’t call 911 . Before they called the ones mother to help it was too late he was dropped off blue . The hospital got a small pulse and put him on life support and we got that dreaded call . When we got there life flight flew him to another hospital in Toledo.and was in ICU but the doctors said his brain was swelled and no brain activity . Life connection approached me and my family if we wanted to donate his organs . We all are signed up to be an organ donor but I didn’t know Brandon could still donate . He was able to donate his liver to George in East Canton Ohio. A lot of people and even people in the medical field I knew never knew that anyone who died of an overdose still could donate their organs . I started this life connection garden since 2017 in memory of my son and to peoples attention to sign up to be a organ donor . A lot of our neighbors told me they signed up because of seeing the signs I had made for organ donation and the sign my son was a organ donor and he’s a hero. I wish I could of gotten the whole area in a picture of signs and also a lot of green ribbons made around it and lights I made with colors of blue and green and lights . A lot of people need to get educated on organ donation.
Thank you
Laurie Clemons