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Krissy Leubner

Photo Description

The Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee, lit up in Blue & Green for Donate Life.

My Story

I donated my left kidney to a then-stranger in Arizona on 11/21/2023 so this is my first Donate Life month as a living donor. I’ve always had the orange donor dot on my drivers license, but I hate waiting! About five years ago we lost our nephew in a tragic accident, and donating his organs to save other lives really put a positive spin on the horrible situation for our family. It was what inspired me to donate what I could sooner rather than later. Last year I saw a Facebook post from someone with my blood type who needed a kidney, and I had a job with a remote option so it all came together perfectly. My husband was not a fan of me doing this, but knew he could not stop me and was an excellent caretaker. We’ll be doing the Cream City 5K and meeting my kidney recipient’s voucher donor, who also lives in Wisconsin!