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Jean Sime

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Patricia,my kidney donor, and myself, celebrating our 4 year kidneyversary in Alaska!

My Story

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Our transplant is the story of the kindness of a stranger who wanted to save a life and I was the lucky one. While I was on dialysis, my hematologist from my hospital helped draw my blood every month. She got to know my story after being on dialysis for 3 .5 years and drawing my blood for that time. One day after leaving the lab she ran into her coworker Patricia, a nurse at her hospital. Pat was sharing her story of wanting to donate her kidney years ago to one of her patients. That never came to fruition but recently a little boy was pleasing on the news for someone to save his daddy. Patricia felt that was a sign to test fir his dad. He had an overwhelming response and Patricia was not needed because they found several matches. As she is telling my hematologist her story, my name was brought up. She said my patient Jean who I draw her labs every month needs a kidney. Who you consider donating to her. Patricia immediately said WHY NOT? We spoke on the phone and I had many wiestions for her as you could imagine. As soon as I heard her voice I knew she had my kidney. After all of my questions I had one final, why would you donate to me, a stranger? She said after all the things I have seen my patients go thru after being a nurse for 40 years, watching someone living off of a machine is the hardest for me. I have 2 kidneys. I only need 1. I want to give back. I threw my hands in the air the best I could bc I was calling her while getting dialysis. And said thank you. Let’s do this. We eventually me in person, went through the testing process together, and she was a MATCH! Our transplant was on 6/25/19 and we are like sisters now. We will be celebrating our 5th kidneyversary this tear at TGA!!! Ty for your consideration!💙💚♻️