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Gina Shemanski

Photo Description

Liberty High School - Bethlehem PA, Girls lacrosse team supporting blue and Green Day in honor of me. My daughter a sophomore is on the team. I am a liver recipient. I got my liver in Philadelphia, PA at UPenn on 2/2/23.

My Story

I am a 6th grade teacher who was in need of a liver. I had to stop teaching and go on sabbatical until I got one. I was a single mother of two at the time, my daughters were 14 and 18. I had a living donor- my sister in law. But 4 days prior to the surgery my brother committed suicide. This made my donor ineligible. My kidneys began to fail I ended up in Philly at UPenn in January. I was so sick I was taken off the list. I finally recovered enough and was number 1 on the list. My call came in. I got my new liver on 2/2/23. I am doing well, liver numbers are fantastic.