Photo Contest

Bridget Preston

Photo Description

Me representing the blue and green as a donor recipient!

My Story

In 2009 (19 yrs old) I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Which caused heart failure and me getting a pacemaker. 14 1/2 years later, my lungs let me know they were tired. On Christmas in 2022 I ended up in the hospital because I had gotten very sick with high fever and low oxygen. I was actually put on oxygen and came home on it. I was told by my Pulmonologist that it may be time to look into getting on tue transplant list. So off went the referral. March of 2024, I started evaluation week. And the end of the week, I was told that I qualified for a double lung transplant and I needed to be listed within the next couple of months. I was listed in April and receive my second chance of life August 30, 2024. It’s been a long 8th month journey so far. It’s had its bumps in the road, but here I am still standing and bouncing back after each bump. I and forever grateful to the donor, whose selfless decision, saved my life. And now a part of her lives on in me. And I will cherish these lungs for the rest of my life! Because of her, my husband and little boys get to to have me around much longer.