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Dawn, heart recipient

Dawn’s proudest accomplishment is becoming the first person in the world to run a full marathon within one year of transplant.

Diane, living kidney donor

Kidney donor Diane wanted to help her friend John when she learned he was in renal failure and needed a kidney. Nearly one foot shorter than John, it seemed unlikely that Diane could be his living donor.

Hunter, liver recipient

Hunter had big plans to become a doctor, but complications from his cystic fibrosis left him as a patient in need of a new liver.

Jennifer, cornea recipient

Now over one year post-transplant, Jennifer’s vision has greatly improved, and she is fully able to enjoy all of the things she did prior to the illness: cooking, photography and being her daughters’ biggest fan.

Jessica, tissue recipient

Donor tissue made it possible for Jessica to come back stronger than before. She has a new appreciation for her mobility, and she has added regular weightlifting to her workout routine to help keep her legs in great shape.

Julian, kidney recipient

Kidney recipient Julian spent much of his childhood in and out of the hospital due to having a rare disease that limited blood flow to his lungs and kidneys.