Dying to Give – A Novel

From award-winning author, Gary Shelly, comes a story that simply must be told… 
The phone call informing Sarah Nealle that her six-year-old daughter, Amy, has been in a school bus accident sends her on a journey she could never have imagined nor planned for.
Author Gary Shelly  gifts $2.00 to Donate Life America for every ebook sold and $1.00 for every print book sold, promoting organ donation. 
Dying to Give Novel

About the Book

Doctors. The ICU. An epidural hematoma. Respirators. Apnea tests. Nationwide publicity. A mogul who wants to buy her daughter’s heart. The grieving mother on television begging for a liver to save her son. Hospitals that fight over a first-grader’s body. Relatives seeking revenge. A conspiracy to end organ transplants. The hero who can’t save his own son. 

A ninety-two-year old who brings wisdom and peace, together with a reporter who reveals her own story.

Then, the lonely decision of how to let her daughter die with dignity and perhaps fulfill a mission Amy would’ve volunteered for.

Will her family provide support? Might those who wait for organs applaud? Can someone who faces this impossible choice in the future learn from her? Would Amy be proud?

How does one measure what is best and what is not when nothing makes sense?