Brenda Cortez

Brenda is a living kidney donor and children’s book author, who has a passion for helping others. She was inspired to write her first book, My Mom is Having Surgery, after her daughter centered her college entrance essay around Brenda’s donation and the inspiration she felt from it. Brenda is now a strong advocate for living donation awareness. Because of this advocacy and her passion for helping others, Brenda came up with the slogan, HOWL: Help Others with Love. Learn more about HOWL, and Brenda’s organ donation focused children’s books below.

Children’s Books

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My Mom is Having Surgery

My Mom is Having Surgery - A Kidney Story

Kailey is worried and scared because her mom is about to have surgery. Come join Kailey in her journey where she finds out if surgery is safe, and how her mom gives a special gift of saving another mom’s life!”

One dollar from every book sold will go to Donate Life America.

Howl Helps Others

Howl Helps Others

Come along with Howl the Owl and his animal friends, as they see firsthand how kindness and helping others is always the best option. Meet and autistic bunny who struggles to make friends, and a bully raccoon who isn’t very nice to others.

Howl Gets a Heart

Howl Gets a Heart

In this first book in the Howl the Owl Organ Donation Series, Howl learns firsthand about helping others as he is given the gift of life with a heart transplant. Howl’s experience can help other children understand being sick, needing a transplant, and getting that life-saving organ.

Howl Helps Bella

Howl Helps Bella

In the second book in the Howl the Owl Organ Donation Series, Howl’s best friend Bella is sad because her daddy just died. Her mom explains the one thing that brings her comfort is knowing he was an organ donor, and he helped to save other lives.

Howl Gets a Heart

Howl Learns about Kidneys and Dialysis

In Book 3 of the Organ Donation Series, Howl Learns About Kidneys and Dialysis, Howl’s Grandpa Bob has a kidney disease and needs dialysis treatment to keep him alive until he can find a kidney donor.

Howl Goes to the Races

Howl and his family are invited to the race track with other young transplant recipients for Organ Donation Awareness Day, and Howl couldn’t be more excited to see a race in real-life and meet the driver who invited him!

Howl Loves his new Liver

In Book 4 of the Organ Donation Series, Howl Loves his new Liver, Howl receives a liver transplant to save his life. Follow along as Howl waits on the transplant list, while his family also searches for a living liver donor.

Image of book cover of Howl Inspires Mr. YNott

Howl Inspires Mr. YNOTT

Howl admires and looks up to Mr. YNOTT, who is his favorite player at the football camp he attends. When Howl learns Mr. YNOTT is sick, he steps in to help inspire him and let him know he’s not alone.

Howl Competes at the Transplant Games

In this book, Howl and his transplant buddies Blaze and Spark share their excitement and experiences at the Games, including the Opening Ceremony, pin exchange, and competitions.