Each year, DLA recognizes the dedication of DMV staff and offices through regional and national awards presented at AAMVA Conferences across the country.
Applications are due by February 23, 2024.

DLA DMV Innovation Award

Each Donate Life State Team is invited to nominate DMV offices in their state for the Donate Life America DMV Innovation Award. This award recognizes a DMV or DLP office(s) that has implemented a unique and engaging event, activity, or practice showcasing the integration of the Donate Life mission into their office culture.

Click here to access Nomination Form.

DLA DMV Lifesaver Award

DMV and DLP staff are invited to nominate their peers for inspiring work and dedication to increasing donor registrations. The Lifesaver Award recognizes a DMV or DLP staff member who demonstrates exceptional commitment to the DMV/DLP’s role as a partner in saving lives through support of the Donate Life mission.

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For both awards, a faculty of judges will review and select one Regional winner from each AAMVA Region (1-4). Winners will be awarded at each 2024 AAMVA Regional Conference. One national winner will also be chosen for each award from the AAMVA Regional award winners, to be recognized at the 2024 AAMVA International Conference (AIC). Nominators and nominees will be notified if they have won by April 2024.


We welcome all submissions, including those from previous entries (non-winners). If the nominated DMV/DLP is a non-AAMVA member, recognition will take place at the state level outside of the AAMVA conferences. Lifesaver Award nominees from the DMV/DLP must be in good standing with their office/state. Retired DMV staff members are not eligible for the award.


For DMV and DLP staff: Please contact your Donate Life State Team Leader or DMV contact.
For Donate Life State Teams: Please contact Al Smith.

2024 AAMVA Regional & International Conference Schedule

May 21 – 23: Region 1 Conference, Quebec City, QC

June 25 – 27: Region 2 Conference, New Orleans, LA

July 23 – 25: Region 4 Conference, Edmonton, AB

September 24 – 26: International Conference, Atlanta, GA

October 28- 29: Region 3 Conference, Fargo, ND

2023 DLA DMV Award Winners

2023 National DLA DMV Award Winners
DLA DMV Innovation Award: Mark J.F. Schroeder, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

DLA DMV Lifesaver Award: Eric Jorgensen, Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

2023 AAMVA Regional DLA DMV Award Winners

Region 1

DLA DMV Lifesaver Award: Walter Craddock, Rhode Island DMV

DLA DMV Innovation Award: Commissioner J.F. Schroeder, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Region 2

DLA DMV Lifesaver Award: Colonel Jonathan Archer, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

DLA DMV Innovation Award: Patricia Bourbeau, South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

Region 3

DLA DMV Lifesaver Award: Kayla Burkett, Iowa Department of Transportation

Region 4

DLA DMV Lifesaver Award: Eric Jorgensen, Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

DLA DMV Innovation Award: Fairpark DMV, Utah Driver License Division