Stories of Hope

Tissue Donation


Jessica, tissue recipient

Donor tissue made it possible for Jessica to come back stronger than before. She has a new appreciation for her mobility, and she has added regular weightlifting to her workout routine to help keep her legs in great shape.

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Liz, tissue recipient

While her upbringing had led her to be skeptical about organ donation, she now understands the truth behind the many misconceptions and hopes to share that awareness with others in the Hispanic community.

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Tissue Recipient - Makenzie (Rose Parade)

Makenzie, tissue recipient

An ACL tear from a sports injury during her freshman year of high school left Makenzie in constant pain, and severely impacted her life both on and off the playing field. Donated tissue made it possible for her to stay dedicated to her active, healthy lifestyle and to achieve her dream of becoming captain of her field hockey team.

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Ieesha, tissue recipient

Ieesha has resumed her active lifestyle, and is back to cooking great food and running. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of her tissue transplant, Ieesha achieved what she considers to be her biggest accomplishment yet — completing a full marathon!

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Lori, birth tissue recipient

Following treatment with a therapy made from donated birth tissue, the wound healed and Lori was able to return to her active life and continue working in a role that she loves, specializing in immunotherapy and cancer research.

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