Stories of Hope

Liver Donation

Elias, pediatric liver recipient

Elias was born with Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, an inherited disorder that increases the risk of liver disease, and because of his condition, Elias was frequently hospitalized and often too tired to play with his peers.

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Autumn, pediatric liver recipient

In July 2020, at Autumn’s two-month appointment, her doctor noticed her skin was yellow and ordered some further tests to be done. Several months later, the doctors determined Autumn was in end-stage liver failure, and she was added to the national transplant waiting list.

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NMDS Dr. Lita Matthews -- living liver recipient - female - Native, Pueblo

Lita, liver recipient

With the transplant, Lita has been able to continue to fill her life with good music, powwows, dancing and the Gathering of Nations. She encourages everyone to consider signing up to be a donor.

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Benjamin, liver recipient

Benjamin was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening liver disease when he was just nine weeks old. During his first months of life, Benjamin endured serious feeding difficulties, surgery and countless doctor appointments.

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Valerie, liver recipient

Looking at Valerie today, it is impossible to tell that she was once deathly ill. It was so long ago, Valerie does not even remember that terrible time herself. She does know, however, that a liver transplant saved her life.

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