Stories of Hope

Cornea Donation


Jennifer, cornea recipient

Now over one year post-transplant, Jennifer’s vision has greatly improved, and she is fully able to enjoy all of the things she did prior to the illness: cooking, photography and being her daughters’ biggest fan.

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Vince, cornea recipient

Cornea recipient Vince had 20/20 vision as a child, but that changed when he turned 18. His eyesight began deteriorating rapidly in college, earning him the nickname “Squints” because of his constantly squinting to see things.

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Daniel, cornea recipient

Daniel has always been very active, starting back in high school on the basketball team. It was during his freshman year when he was diagnosed with a corneal disease called Keratoconous.

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Amber, cornea recipient

A licensed nail technician and recent honors graduate in medical billing and coding, Amber had just begun a new job when she was diagnosed with keratoconus.

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