About the Donate Life Brand

The Brand for the Cause

The Donate Life logo serves as the national symbol for the cause of organ, eye and tissue donation and links the call to action to become a donor with a powerful visual image. The Donate Life℠ brand statement and logo unites the hundreds of donation and transplantation organizations and the hundreds of thousands of patients, families and supporters we serve. The consistent use of the registered Donate Life℠ and Done Vida℠ words and logos helps strengthen our collective branding efforts, reinforce the life-based positioning of donation and transplantation, and promote trust. Our brand inspires what we do, informs what we say and shapes how we say it.

The National Organ Donation Symbol

The Donate Life℠ brand statement and logo were developed to place the cause of organ, eye and tissue donation in the context of life and living, a selfless gift, showing compassion for humanity. Blue, green and the swirl represent the sky, earth and circle of life. The Donate Life logo is a call to action, telling the public to Donate Life — to register their decision to save lives. The Donate Life brand serves as a rallying point for patients waiting, recipients, living donors, donor families, registered donors, the public, and the professional donation and transplantation community. It represents the collective experiences, thoughts and feelings connected with donation and transplantation. 

Advancing the Cause of Donation

In our role as owner and administrator of the Donate Life brand, Donate Life America (DLA) is committed to managing and promoting the brand as the recognized national organ donation symbol — overseeing its use across all platforms, safeguarding its integrity, fostering appropriate use and maintaining brand standards to ensure effectiveness. To protect the integrity of the Donate Life brand, only DLA’s corporate partners, approved individuals and professional community members may use the Donate Life logos in their materials for the sole purpose of promoting donation and transplantation. Any other individual or organization must seek written authorization from Donate Life America. For more information or requests regarding brand and logo use, please contact us at [email protected].

What are ways that you can join the Donate Life cause and share the message?

Anyone can join the cause and share the Donate Life message by: Learn more about all the things you can do to support DLA!