National Donate Life Month 2013

National Blue & Green Day is Friday, April 19
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NDLM Materials Flyer (shows all images)

Implementation Ideas


All artwork is copyrighted by Donate Life America and may not be copied or reproduced without the express permission of Donate Life America.  Contact DLA office with questions or requests for alternate use of the copyrighted artwork:
• Valerie Paquette, vpaquette [at] donatelife [dot] net, 804-377-3588


Print Materials
Poster, 12 x 18 – English Version, Spanish Version
Table Tent – PDF
Note Card, 7 x 5 *NEW – English VersionSpanish Version
*You may customize the poster, table tent and note card.

Web Tools and Print Ads 
Print Ad, 8 x 10 info
Generic  *Localizable PDF version may be opened in InDesign or Illustrator to customize white space at the bottom. 

Web Banner, 300 x 250 info
Spanish, info
Spanish, generic

Web Banner, 728 x 90 info
Spanish, info
Spanish, generic 

TV Monitor *NEW

Facebook Timeline Cover *NEW

Facebook Profile Picture Avatars *NEW
ZIP Folder English
ZIP Folder Spanish
Or click on an individual avatar to download separately.

NDLM_Profile_Scarf.Female NDLM_Profile_Tie.Male NDLM_Profile_AfAm.Female_Spanish NDLM_Profile_AfAm.Male_Spanish NDLM_Profile_Blonde.Female_Spanish NDLM_Profile_Blonde.Male_Spanish

NDLM_Profile_DrkHair.Female_Spanish NDLM_Profile_DrkHair.Male_Spanish NDLM_Profile_Ponytail.Female_Spanish NDLM_Profile_RedHair.Female_Spanish NDLM_Profile_RedHair.Male_Spanish NDLM_Profile_ShortDrkHair.Female_Spanish

NDLM_Profile_Ponytail.Female NDLM_Profile_Blonde.Male NDLM_Profile_ShortDrkHair.Female NDLM_Profile_RedHair.Female NDLM_Profile_RedHair.Male NDLM_Profile_DrkHair.Female

NDLM_Profile_Blonde.Female NDLM_Profile_DrkHair.Male  NDLM_Profile_AfAm.Female NDLM_Profile_AfAm.Male

*After uploading to Facebook, be sure to edit the thumbnail and scale to fit.* 

Promotional Items
The NDLM 2013 art is available on selected promotional items exclusively through NewClients.
Items include T-shirts, magnets, buttons, tumblers, tote bags, and banners.

Visit for pricing and more information on promotional items.
Contact Robb Anderson 804-560-7000 X104 or robb [at] newclients [dot] com

Press Materials
Localizable Press Release
Live Announcer Copy

Stories of Hope
Caden Heart Recipient
Caden Waiting Photo
Caden Recipient Photo

Chase Tissue Recipient
Chase Photo

Daniel Cornea Recipient
Daniel Photo

Please send your public community to to view and download web banners, Facebook images, and print ad.