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You can make an online tax deductible donation right now, in honor of someone whom you know who may be waiting for an organ, in honor of someone that lost his or her in the battle against time, or just because you recognize the urgency. Either way, your contribution will save lives in the future.

Make a Financial Contribution Now

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If you would like, we would be honored to recognize you on our list of Individual Partners.

If you prefer to mail in your contribution, please download the Contribution Form and send it to the following address:

701 E. Byrd Street, 16th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

If you would like to make a contribution using an American Express Card, please contact our office at 804-377-3580 or email

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Does your company match gifts? Finding out is as easy as asking your organization’s HR representative. Taking this small extra step can double the difference your contribution makes in the lives of those waiting today.

One degree of separation

Almost every person knows of someone whom has benefited from organ donation, or someone who made the generous decision to save someone’s life by becoming an organ donor. At this very moment, there are nearly 120,000 people waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Thousands more await needed cornea or tissue transplants to “get their lives back.” Your dollars will absolutely make a difference immediately.

The urgency is right now

Every dollar that is contributed to Donate Life America goes directly toward increasing the number of committed donors, one person at a time. The donor whom your dollars reach may eventually save someone’s life, potentially your own, or someone that you love.

Every dollar counts

Based on history, it takes over $40 to add one new donor to a state registry. For every donor your dollars help add to a registry, you provide hope to as many as 50 people, as one donor can provide as many as seven critical organs and numerous tissue and cornea transplants. It’s a gift that has the most important return on investment, Life.

For more information about how you can financially support Donate Life America and our mission to save and heal lives, contact:

Karen Headley

701 E. Byrd Street, 16th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219